Growing Our Teachers, Building Our Nation

Published Date: 23 September 2014 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1.Teachers play an important role in building our nation by bringing out the best in every child. The Ministry of Education (MOE) will further strengthen efforts to grow our teachers by providing opportunities at every stage and in every way to deepen their skills and expertise. Through this, MOE aims to strengthen a culture of learning among our teaching force, a culture of teachers growing teachers, and in the process, nurture a pipeline of teacher leaders who are accomplished in their profession and able to lead fellow educators.

Strengthening Training for Beginning Teachers and Deepening Mentoring Capacity in Schools

2.MOE will strengthen the support for the development of Beginning Teachers. Pre-service training at NIE and the subsequent mentoring for Beginning Teachers will be more tightly integrated. Beginning Teachers will be given more time and space to learn on the job, benefit from mentorship, and hone their craft.

3.MOE will strengthen the quality of mentoring in schools by:

  • Developing a course for all mentors to strengthen their mentoring skills; and
  • Strengthening manpower support for schools so that mentors have the space and time to coach their younger colleagues.

Growing Educators’ Expertise through Specialisation

4.MOE will create more opportunities for specialisation for teachers in the primary schools and support educators who want to deepen their expertise.

5.First, MOE will strengthen the expertise and skills of our lower primary (Primary 1 and 2) teachers in working with younger children. This could be through an inaugural NIE Advanced Diploma in Teaching Early Primary School Years, which began its run this August, or through a network learning community that has been set up for these teachers. Lower primary teachers will be better equipped to cater to younger students’ socio-emotional learning needs, and ease their transition from pre-school to primary education.

6.Second, MOE is moving towards subject specialisation in the teaching of primary English, Math and Science through the training and deployment of our primary school teachers. To develop deeper content mastery and pedagogical skills, MOE will provide support through in-service courses for content and skills-upgrading in English, Math and Science. The pre-service training for new primary school teachers will also be reviewed to focus on building a strong foundation in two subject areas instead of three. This will allow primary school teachers to develop deeper content mastery and more effective teaching methods so that they can design engaging lessons that lead to better learning for their students.

7.Third, MOE continues to enhance the knowledge and skills of our teachers, the Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Support) [AEDs(LBS)] as well as educators in Special Education (SPED) schools in supporting students with special educational needs. This includes the implementation of a revised NIE programme in special needs for our teachers this March, and the NIE inaugural Advanced Diploma in Special Education in August for AEDs (LBS) and SPED educators.

Developing Teacher Leaders

8.To enable our more experienced teachers to continue to grow in their job, AST and schools will continue to facilitate various platforms and programmes such as Professional Learning Communities in schools and other cluster and zonal level learning platforms.

9.MOE will grow the Subject Chapters or professional networks established by the various teachers’ academies and language centres and led by a core team of the best and most inspiring Master, Lead, and Senior teachers and Specialists from MOE and NIE to further deepen the knowledge and skills of teachers in respective disciplines or learning domains. These learning networks enhance teachers’ curriculum depth, pedagogical skills and assessment literacy, and provide opportunities for teachers to share, collaborate and co-develop new and better ways of teaching.

10.To widen the reach and impact of highly skilled teachers in lifting up the practice of the entire teaching fraternity, MOE will continue to develop and appoint more Principal Master Teachers, Master Teachers, Lead Teachers, and Senior Teachers in recognition of their key roles in leading professional learning and in deepening the culture of teachers growing teachers. In this regard, MOE will work with schools and clusters to actively encourage more teachers to deepen their skills and take up these appointments.

11.Appointed Senior Teachers and Lead Teachers have the opportunity to attend Teacher Leaders Programme which is designed to further deepen their professional knowledge and skills. MOE will look to raising the apex grade for the teaching track to recognise the national role of Master Teachers in developing and raising the competencies of the entire teaching service.

12.MOE will continue to strengthen professional development opportunities and support our teachers to be lifelong learners, so that they too can be role models of lifelong learning for our students. With more skilful, caring and effective teachers in every school, we will be able to bring out the best in every child.

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