Parliamentary Replies

February 18, 2014

International Student Tuition Grant Deferments

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Mr Png Eng Huat, Hougang


To ask the Minister for Education (a) what is the current total number of international students in the polytechnics and publicly-funded universities who have deferred their tuition grant bond; (b) what is the average number of years of deferment; and (c) what is the number of international students who have deferred for more than six years and ten years respectively and what are the reasons for allowing such long deferments.


International students who receive tuition grants are required to work in a Singapore-based company for three years upon graduation to supplement our labour force. About 8 in 10 international students who receive tuition grants in our polytechnics and autonomous universities start serving their tuition grant bonds promptly upon graduation and contribute immediately to Singapore’s economy, or have been granted approval by MOE to defer service obligation to pursue further studies.

An average of about 250 graduating international students deferred their bond to pursue further studies each year. The average deferment period is three years, corresponding to the typical duration of further study pursued by these students. For those on deferment, there are no students with deferment period of more than six years.