MOE SEd and Teachers' Professional Role

Published Date: 01 August 2022 06:00 PM

News Parliamentary Replies

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Ms He Ting Ru, Sengkang GRC


To ask the Minister for Education whether there are steps in place to ensure that sexual health and sexuality education in schools (i) address public concerns about the subject matters (ii) are based on the best available science and evidence (iii) have clear guidelines about educators sharing their personal and religious views and how these are presented and (iv) are conducted in ways that are non-discriminatory, avoid stigmatisation, and seek to reduce harm.


1. MOE reviews its Sexuality Education curriculum regularly, guided by research, specialist expertise and stakeholder feedback.

2. As matters relating to sexuality are sensitive and need careful handling, Sexuality Education teachers are specially nominated by their school leaders to be trained by MOE. Like all educators, Sexuality Education teachers have to exercise professionalism and not impose their personal views and beliefs on their students, or advance the interest of any advocacy, political or religious group in school.

3. The MOE Sexuality Education is secular in nature, taught in the context of values that reflect Singapore's mainstream society, and focuses on equipping students with age-appropriate knowledge and skills. Students are taught to treat everyone with respect and empathy. Sexuality Education teachers also guide students to understand, evaluate and respect multiple perspectives, without discrimination or stigmatisation.

4. Our schools are committed to provide a caring, respectful and enabling environment for all students through fostering empathy and building positive relationships.

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