IHLs programmes in the green economy

Published Date: 10 May 2021 09:00 PM

News Parliamentary Replies

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Ms Poh Li San, Sembawang GRC


To ask the Minister for Education what are the new courses, diploma and degree programmes in the institutes for higher learning that will support the green economy.


1.The Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) are committed to preparing their students to be able to seize good career opportunities, including in emerging areas such as the green economy. This will ensure a healthy pipeline of talent to support green growth in Singapore.

2.The IHLs have been introducing new courses and programmes in sustainability-related fields. For example, Republic Polytechnic has launched two new Diplomas. The Diploma in Sustainable Built Environment prepares students to take up roles as Energy and Sustainability Consultants, while the Diploma in Environmental and Marine Science prepares students to take up roles as Environmental Service Officers. Singapore Management University offers a sustainability major programme that equips students with the knowledge, skills and expertise to implement sustainable practices in businesses.

3. In addition, IHLs have been increasing their emphasis on sustainability within existing programmes. From this coming academic year, Nanyang Technological University undergraduates will be required to take up a new common module on “Sustainability for Society, Economy and Environment” under their interdisciplinary collaborative core curriculum. Temasek Polytechnic has also revamped its Diploma in Architectural Technology & Building Services to focus on using technology for the sustainable management of buildings.

4. For working adults, the IHLs are providing more opportunities to upskill and reskill for jobs in the green economy. For example, Singapore Polytechnic runs a Food Manufacturing Programme which trains individuals to analyse sustainability issues in food manufacturing and to apply technologies for converting food waste to value added products. The Singapore Institute of Technology has a course on Building Energy Modelling, to train building professionals such as architects and energy auditors to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency when designing or managing buildings.

5. The IHLs will continue to work closely with their industry partners to equip students and workers with the new skills needed for the green economy.

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