Plans to move schools

Published Date: 04 January 2021 09:00 PM

News Parliamentary Replies


Mr Don Wee, Chua Chu Kang GRC


To ask the Minister for Education whether there are plans to move schools located in areas with low population densities to estates with higher densities.


1. MOE plans schools based on the needs of the current and projected populations in each residential area, especially for primary schools given the young age of the students.

2. Relocating schools to newer housing estates with a higher population density of school-going children is one option we consider in school planning, to improve the geographical spread and access to schools. For example, we recently announced the relocation of two schools to new housing estates. Yusof Ishak Secondary will be relocating from Bukit Batok to Punggol, and Angsana Primary will be relocating from Tampines Avenue 2 to the new Tampines North estate.

3. However, relocation also means disruption to the existing students as well as for potential future students from its vicinity who would have more limited choice of schools. There are also significant infrastructure and financial costs, which requires us to look at whether there is sustained demand for school places at the new site over the medium to long term, as well as whether there are other schools with available vacancies within a reasonable distance to meet the demand there. For these reasons, while MOE is prepared to consider re-location of schools, it is generally carried out fairly sparingly.

4. MOE will continue to monitor closely the needs in housing areas with high population of school-going children and adjust its plans to ensure that there are sufficient school places for school-going children.

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