Blended Learning

Published Date: 04 January 2021 09:00 PM

News Parliamentary Replies


He Ting Ru, Sengkang GRC


To ask the Minister for Education what additional resources and training will be given to teachers to ensure that the move to blended learning in the curriculum can be done with minimal disruption on education outcomes.


1. Blended Learning enriches our students' educational experience by enabling them to benefit from multiple modes of learning. This includes the integration of Home-Based Learning (HBL) as a regular part of students' schooling experience so that they have more opportunities to learn in an independent, self-directed manner.

2. MOE has implemented a professional development (PD) programme to enable our teachers to design effective Blended Learning experiences for their students. Teachers can access online learning modules, such as those on bridging in-school and home-based learning, and learn how to monitor students' learning progress during HBL through online workshops with Master Teachers. Teachers can also participate in Networked Learning Communities where they can learn from one another and collaborate on delivering Blended Learning. Besides PD support, MOE also provides teachers with a growing set of curriculum resources on the Singapore Student Learning Space for their use or adaptation in delivering HBL.

3. MOE has provided schools with a resource guide to support their implementation of Blended Learning, while leaving room for each school to customise their approach. For example, schools are guided on how often to have HBL, and how to decide what learning outcomes can be learned effectively in a self-directed way. Schools that require more guidance can consult MOE directly.

4. Taken together, these measures will help raise our overall capacity as a system.

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