Quality and outcomes of SkillsFuture training

Published Date: 05 October 2020 09:00 PM

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Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Mr Sharael Taha, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC


To ask the Minister for Education whether there are any measures in place to (i) assess the quality of training from SkillsFuture training providers and (ii) measure the effectiveness of SkillsFuture courses, through competency or company-based outcome assessments rather than using course attendance and participation.


1. To assess the quality of training from funded training providers, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) conducts surveys immediately after course completion, to gather trainee feedback on the training quality. Follow-up surveys are conducted with trainees six months after completion of the course to ascertain post-training outcomes, such as the ability to apply the skills learnt at work. 86% of the trainees surveyed in 2019 indicated that they were able to perform better at work after undergoing SSG-funded training. The survey results are taken into consideration by SSG during the funding renewal process. Additionally, SSG conducts regular checks and audits on course delivery by training providers.

2. We share the member’s view that we should focus on the outcomes of training, and go beyond input measures like course attendance and participation. This is why SSG conducts regular surveys with employers to gauge the effectiveness of SkillsFuture training programmes. These include the Public Perception Survey on SkillsFuture, which surveys employers on the impact of SkillsFuture training on the work performance of their employees. Another example is the Work-Study Programme Outcomes Survey, a programme-specific survey which measures employers’ satisfaction of the programme and effectiveness of the Work-Study approach in training potential or existing employees.

3. Certifiable skills training courses that enjoy a higher tier of funding support are examinable and need to demonstrate clear learning outcomes. Trainees who go through courses accredited under the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) system are required to take competency-based assessments as part of the course requirement.

4. We take the quality and outcomes of SkillsFuture training seriously, and will continue to ensure that Singaporeans are well-supported in their lifelong learning journey.

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