Governance of LGBTQ+ Events at Institutes of Higher Learning

Published Date: 05 November 2019 12:00 AM

News Parliamentary Replies

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Assoc Prof Walter Theseira, Nominated Member of Parliament


To ask the Minister for Education (a) what is the Ministry's policy on the participation of LGBTQ+ speakers, artists, and performers in events at our higher educational institutions; and (b) whether the Ministry monitors decisions taken by educational institutions to bar, censor, or otherwise regulate such LGBTQ+ speakers and performers.


1. Our Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) have wide-reaching impact on students and the broader Singapore society. They should provide a common space and neutral ground for open discussions and civil discourse. They need to be respectful of Singapore’s wider social norms and laws, and exercise appropriate judgement and sensitivity when dealing with potentially socially divisive issues.

2. Within the bounds of these principles, our IHLs have the autonomy to manage the activities on campus, such as deciding which artists, speakers and performers to invite, including those who may identify with LGBTQ+ causes.

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