Re-employment of teachers

Published Date: 07 October 2019 12:00 AM

News Parliamentary Replies

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Mr Zainal Sapari, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC


To ask the Minister for Education (a) since 2016, what is the number as well as percentage of each cohort of teachers who have been offered re-employment upon reaching 62 years old; (b) whether there has been an increase in the number of teachers not being offered re-employment since the recent merger of schools; (c) what are the reasons for teachers who have reached the retirement age not being offered re-employment; and (d) whether there are excess teachers in the school system now.


1. MOE’s re-employment practices are aligned to those of the Singapore Public Service. From 2014 to 2018, about 90% of retiring teachers are offered re-employment every year. Whether a teacher is offered re-employment at age 62 is primarily determined by the teacher’s performance and conduct. It has nothing to do with school mergers.

2. Our overall teacher workforce numbers have remained stable in the last five years. Against a backdrop of falling birth rates and smaller student cohort sizes, the pupil to teacher ratio has improved over the years and teachers have been deployed to do meaningful work.

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