Bullying involving students with disabilities or special needs

Published Date: 07 October 2019 12:00 AM

News Parliamentary Replies

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar, Ang Mo Kio GRC


To ask the Minister for Education in each of the past five years (a) how many cases of bullying or aggression have been reported against students with disabilities or special needs in primary and secondary schools respectively; (b) what corrective actions have been taken against the perpetrators; and (c) what follow-up care and counselling approaches have been taken to help these victims.


1. MOE takes a serious view of all incidences of bullying regardless of whether the students involved have disabilities or special needs. Schools must be safe and secure environments for all students to learn in.

2. The reported number of bullying incidents remains low and stable over the past 5 years. When such cases are reported, they are promptly investigated and appropriate disciplinary action is taken to guide perpetrators and restore relationships with those whom they have hurt. Counselling support is also provided to victims and perpetrators.

3. Schools will also involve parents to reinforce the same values and expectations of their children’s behaviour. We believe that instilling good values, conduct and discipline in our students is a shared responsibility, and parents, schools and the community should work in partnership.

4. Through Character and Citizenship Education and subjects such as Social Studies, students are taught how to relate to others with care and respect, and to deal with conflicts. Schools have established peer support systems and promoted a positive culture, where students are sensitive to the needs of their peers with SEN. Students are also encouraged to speak up against bullying, and report incidences to the school authorities.

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