Sufficiency of primary school places in Bukit Batok SMC

Published Date: 09 July 2018 12:00 AM

News Parliamentary Replies

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Mr Murali Pillai, Bukit Batok


To ask the Minister for Education in light of the recently completed and upcoming completion of BTO developments in and near Bukit Batok SMC, what is the expected increase in demand for primary school places in primary schools located within and near Bukit Batok SMC and what are the Ministry’s plans to meet this increased demand.


1. MOE regularly reviews the demand and supply trends for school places at the national and regional levels. Our school planning takes into account the current and projected population and planned housing development programmes to ensure that there are sufficient school places to meet the needs of families with school-going children in each residential area.

2. MOE is aware of the new housing developments that were recently completed in Bukit Batok and those that will be completing in the next few years. The demand from these new housing developments have been taken into account in the planning of school places.

3. There are currently 9 primary schools within 2km of the new housing developments in Bukit Batok SMC. There is sufficient capacity in these schools to meet the projected demand from residents.

4. MOE will continue to monitor the demand and supply situation of the primary schools in this area closely.

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