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Helping students understand socio-eonomic opportunities in Southeast Asia

Published Date: 09 July 2018 12:00 AM

News Parliamentary Replies

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Mr Desmond Choo, Mayor, North East CDC


To ask the Minister for Education how is the Ministry helping students to better understand the socio-economic opportunities in South East Asia with a view towards helping them thrive in an economically important region in the longer term.


1. Given the opportunities in Southeast Asia, it is useful for students to develop a good understanding of the region. Students will also benefit from establishing networks within the region early.

2. To raise awareness and understanding of the region, students are introduced to ASEAN in primary school. Through the Social Studies curriculum, students will learn about the cultural and economic ties member countries share with one another. In secondary school, students can offer subjects such as Economics, Geography, History, and Social Studies, which include a deeper understanding of the region. Through Economics, Geography and History at the pre-university level, students learn about the economic and trade policies of Southeast Asian countries, trends in regional economic developments, as well as economic integration through ASEAN.

3. Students extend their understanding of Southeast Asia through ASEAN-themed forums and seminars. They observe ongoing economic developments and expand their understanding of the region when they undertake overseas trips to Southeast Asian countries. In addition, our student-athletes also forge friendships with their fellow athletes from the different Southeast Asian countries through the ASEAN Schools Games.

4. Our Institutions of Higher Learning organize immersion programmes, student exchanges with institutions in the region, and overseas internships. Students also perform community projects in rural areas in the region. For many years, our institutions also take in a small proportion of students from ASEAN countries. While in Singapore, they forge bonds with Singaporean students and enrich the higher education experience.

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