Statistics on Time Taken by Institutes of Higher Learning Graduates to Secure Full-Time Employment

Published Date: 06 February 2017 12:00 AM

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Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament

Mr Desmond Choo, Tampines GRC


To ask the Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) (a) what is the average and median time taken for graduates of institutions of higher learning to secure full-time employment; (b) whether the time taken is lengthened with the economic slowdown; and (c) what are the steps taken to help these graduates find employment.


1. The Ministry of Education does not measure the statistics as requested by the Member. Instead, the Graduate Employment Survey (GES), conducted by the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) annually, provides an indication of the employment outcomes of graduates six months after the completion of their final examinations.

2. For 2016 fresh and post-National Service Polytechnic graduates, the overall employment rates were 90.6% and 95.4% respectively, slightly higher than 88.9% and 91.5% in 2015. Full-time permanent employment rates for the fresh and post-National Service Polytechnic graduates in 2016 were 55.8% and 70.1% respectively, also comparable to 2015 figures. Many Polytechnic graduates chose to work in part-time/temporary jobs as they prepared to commence further studies.

3. The results of the 2016 GES for Autonomous Universities (AUs) are being tabulated. Based on the 2015 GES results, the overall employment rate six months after graduation was 89.5%; full-time permanent employment rate was 83.1%.

4. The IHLs have in place various programmes and initiatives to help fresh graduates find employment after graduation. For example, education and career guidance are provided to students to broaden their awareness of the jobs and careers available. The IHLs also organise annual career fairs for graduating students, and provide resources to help graduating students as well as fresh graduates in their job search. Workforce Singapore (WSG) programmes and initiatives are also extended to fresh graduates to help those who require more support in their job search.

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