Parliamentary Replies

Date Title
06 Jan 2020 Preparing Singaporeans for the Digital Economy
06 Jan 2020 Singaporean graduates from autonomous universities and private universities in Singapore
06 Jan 2020 Post-Secondary Education Account
06 Jan 2020 Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threats) WSQ course in non-English languages
06 Jan 2020 Promoting financial literacy among school students
06 Jan 2020 Withholding of Certificates
05 Nov 2019 Governance of LGBTQ+ Events at Institutes of Higher Learning
05 Nov 2019 Expanding PSEA usage to students in the private education institutions
05 Nov 2019 Models for supporting students with Special Educational Needs
04 Nov 2019 Support for Singaporeans of age 40 and above in view of the economic slowdown
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