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August 18, 2011

Re-employment of Retiring Teacher

We refer to the recent media interest in the re-employment of retiring teachers.

MOE and the Teachers’ Unions have a shared interest in the welfare of our teachers. We value our experienced teachers and their continued contributions upon re-employment. We had discussions and agreed to use the tripartite guidelines on re-employment when implementing the Public Service-wide terms of re-employment in July. We have continued our dialogue on how best to implement the terms of re-employment, to meet the needs of our teachers and schools, while supporting a fair and sustainable approach to re-employment at the national level.

The Teachers’ Unions and MOE agree that re-employment should provide flexibility in terms of job arrangements and salary to meet the needs of our schools as well as the needs of our retiring teachers. In line with the tripartite guidelines on re-employment, wage adjustments can be expected, taking into account reasonable factors such as the job duties of re-employed teachers.

School leaders will meet every retiring teacher to discuss their plans and to identify the most suitable arrangements that meet the need of both the school and the teacher. In cases where retiring teachers assume the same duties upon re-employment and their expertise and contributions match the needs of the school, the tripartite guidelines provide flexibility for MOE to adapt its offers to suit its circumstances, including offering teachers their last drawn salaries where appropriate. Going ahead, MOE, with assistance from the Unions, will be drawing up guidelines for schools regarding the job duties and responsibilities of re-employed teachers. In this way, the basis for a teacher’s job scope during re-employment and the appropriate compensation will be clearer for all parties concerned. Based on the more typical experience of retired teachers, workloads have generally been reduced by 15-20%, due to several re-employed teachers choosing to focus on classroom duties only.

The Teachers’ Unions will continue to work closely with MOE to reflect feedback from our teachers and provide inputs to MOE on how to refine the implementation of the re-employment scheme to better serve teachers and schools.

Mr Lu Cheng Yang
Director, Personnel
Ministry of Education
Mr Edwin Lye
General Secretary
Singapore Teachers’ Union
Mdm Lian Hwee Eng
Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union
Mr Mohammad Thahirrudin
Singapore Malay Teachers’ Union / KGMS
Mr Samikannu Sithambaram
Singapore Tamil Teachers’ Union