Specialising in two subjects helps teachers develop strengths and interests

Published Date: 22 November 2021 09:00 AM

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专攻两科目 助教师发掘长处和兴趣








We appreciate Ms Qiu Qiaolian's concern for our teachers' well-being ('Teachers' work need to be specialised too', Nov 16) and fully agree that teachers should acquire deep subject mastery to fulfil their potential in developing our students.

Generally, teachers are trained to specialise in two subjects, for which they possess the relevant educational background and have a keen interest in. Specialising in two subjects enables teachers to explore their strengths while allowing for flexible deployment to schools. Teachers are typically deployed to teach both subjects, although some may be deployed to teach only one subject, depending on the school's needs. Regardless of whether they are teaching one or two subjects, teachers will be given the time, resources and support to reflect and deepen their content mastery and pedagogical skills.

Beyond academic teaching, teachers also conduct Co-Curricular Activities and other student learning programmes outside of the classroom. This helps teachers learn about their students' interests and strengths, reinforces the teacher-student relationship, and helps teachers develop students more holistically.

We will continue to support the well-being of our teachers as they strengthen their professional competencies in their chosen specialisation to cater to the different learning needs of our students.

Chua-Lim Yen Ching
Deputy Director-General of Education (Professional Development)
Ministry of Education

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