MOE balances policy rollout with teachers’ workload

Published Date: 12 November 2021 10:00 AM

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We appreciate Ms Tay Yu Shan's concern for teachers' well-being and fully agree that there is a need for balance between implementing changes to the education system and ensuring our teachers' workload is manageable (Teachers bear added pressure of making changes in education policies work, Nov 6).

As Ms Tay pointed out, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is implementing several significant changes to our education system. These include the new PSLE scoring system, and the introduction of full subject-based banding. These are part of MOE's broader efforts to nurture the joy of learning, reduce an over-emphasis on academic grades, and increase flexibility for students to customise their learning experiences according to their strengths and interests. These shifts ensure that our education system can continue to prepare students for a rapidly changing future.

We are cognisant of the impact that these policy changes can have on teachers' workload. To mitigate this concern, we engage our teachers regularly to understand their needs, explain the rationale behind the changes, and provide them with the necessary support to deliver these important system reforms.

To spread out staff workload, we give schools flexibility to pace out the implementation of selected initiatives. For example, full subject-based banding will be rolled out to secondary schools by 2024 in phases, based on schools' readiness to come aboard. Through the process, we fine-tuned our support for schools and teachers, based on feedback from pilot schools.

We share Ms Tay's sentiment that parents play an important role in the education system. Our students do best when schools, teachers and parents work hand in hand to support them. We also recognise the importance of establishing respectful boundaries to help our teachers do their jobs more effectively.

Our teachers work very hard and play multiple roles. MOE will continue to strengthen support for our teachers and work closely with schools to ensure their well-being.

Chua-Lim Yen Ching
Deputy Director-General of Education (Professional Development)
Ministry of Education

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