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Parents will have greater flexibility in managing child’s use of learning device at home

Published Date: 28 August 2021 06:00 PM

News Forum Letter Replies

We thank Ms Pang Sze Yunn ("Give parents some control over use of personal learning devices at home", August 25) for her suggestions on how MOE can work with parents to manage their child's device use.

To provide students with a safer digital learning environment, and to help schools and parents manage students' use of their Personal Learning Devices (PLDs), all PLDs are pre-installed with a Device Management Application (DMA). For example, the DMA blocks students' access to undesirable Internet content such as pornography, gambling, and violence. In addition, the default DMA settings also disable the use of PLDs from 11pm to 6am to help ensure that students get sufficient rest.

These DMA features complement existing efforts by teachers to help students use technology safely and productively for learning. MOE has enhanced Cyber Wellness education as part of the refreshed Character and Citizenship Education curriculum, which is being progressively implemented in schools from this year, to equip students with the skills to use technology safely and responsibly. MOE has also provided students and parents with tips on managing device use, in resources such as the "Parent Handbook on Learning with PLDs" which was issued earlier this year. These include tips on eye care when using devices and establishing a healthy balance of online and offline activities.

For parents who prefer a greater say over how their child uses their device at home, MOE will provide them with options to manage their child's PLD after school hours. For example, parents can choose to install additional applications, set additional restrictions on access to Internet content, or choose to disable the DMA after school hours.

MOE is currently in the process of rolling out the after-school DMA parent options to schools. Initial feedback has been encouraging and enhancements are ongoing to improve user experience.

MOE will continue to guide and support schools in the use of educational technology in school and at home. Teachers will also continue to ensure that the volume of assignments set (both online and offline) are guided by the school's homework policy to achieve its intended educational outcomes.

Mr Aaron Loh
Divisional Director, Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education