First Person: Real issues, Virtual Classroom

Real issues, Virtual Classroom
Ms Theophilia Yong shares how her students plunged into the Amazon rainforest to learn about the causes and impact of deforestation and explored each others’ homes in a lesson on the Geography of housing. Talk about unusual classrooms!

First Person: Schools will never go back to “normal”

Schools will never go back to “normal”
Sounds ominous? Quite the contrary, says Mrs Peh Jing Er, Head of Department for ICT in Changkat Primary School. She believes that Blended Learning – a mix of online and in-person lessons – is here to stay for very good reasons. She explains why.

First Person: An Experiment in Blended Learning

An Experiment in Blended Learning
While online learning cannot replace the experience of being in a lab working on Science practicals, they can make students more effective when they are in the lab, says Mr Benjamin Pooi from Chua Chu Kang Secondary School. He shares his hypothesis and proof.

First Person: Rethinking CCAs during COVID-19

Rethinking CCAs during COVID-19
Do safe management measures mean no CCAs? No, says Ms Loh Yan Ping, Subject Head, PE and CCA at New Town Primary School. She shares how creativity won the day.

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