About Cyber Wellness

Technological advancements have changed the ways we live, work and play with Information and Communication Technologies becoming an integral part in 21st century learning environment. Although today’s digital environment has brought about numerous opportunities and benefits, it has also presented risks and pitfalls especially for those who are unaware of the Internet’s operating environment. Cyber wellness programmes are needed to guide our young to navigate the cyber space safely and responsibly.

The term cyber wellness refers to the “positive well-being of Internet users and a healthy cyber culture for the Internet community. It involves an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviour, an awareness of how to protect oneself and other Internet users from such behaviour, and a recognition of the power of the Internet to benefit oneself and the community at large.”

Education of our young internet users is important to promote a culture of safe and responsible use. The home environment is important and parents play a critical role in cyber wellness education.

The ICSC aims to adopt a multi-prong approach involving various stakeholders to achieve this goal.