Provisions & Support in SPED Schools

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Customised Curriculum and Small Class Sizes

SPED schools offer customised curriculum and educational programmes to meet the specific educational needs of their students. Your child will have opportunities to develop his/her interests and talents. Class sizes are kept small so that teachers can provide better attention and support to each student.

Individualised Educational Plans

Individualised Educational Plans (IEPs) are drawn up for every student. This is tailored to your child’s unique learning needs to help your child realise his/her fullest potential. For example, if your child has difficulties interacting with peers, schools have social and emotional learning programmes to help him/her develop self-control, social skills and emotional awareness. If your child has severe difficulties in self-help skills, he/she will be taught important life skills for independent living.

Satellite Partnership

Your child may also be given opportunities to interact with his/her peers from a mainstream school, through the Satellite Partnership programme. Examples of such activities include having SPED school students who are deemed academically ready, to join their peers in mainstream classrooms for selected academic subjects, and co-organising joint activities such as CCAs and camps.

Enhanced Physical Facilities

SPED schools are also equipped differently to cater to specific educational needs of students. For example, soundproof rooms are provided for children with sensory disabilities, commercial kitchens for children undergoing vocational education, hydrotherapy pools for children who require physiotherapy.

Support from Allied Health Professionals

Your child will also receive support from allied health professionals such as psychologists and therapists. Social workers are also available to provide family life support services such as counselling, provision of financial assistance, and caregiver and sibling support, to ensure holistic support for your child.