Education Pathways For Children with SEN entering SPED Schools

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The figure below shows the current educational pathways available for your child with SEN entering SPED Schools.

Education Landscape

Educational Pathways for Students with Special Needs
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Pathways are customised for students with diverse disabilities to meet their unique learning profiles. For children with moderate-to-severe SEN who are able to follow the national curriculum, the following SPED schools prepare students for national examinations such as the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Disability Group


Hearing Loss (communicate using Oral approach)

Canossian School

Visual Impairment

Lighthouse School

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pathlight School

Upon the successful completion of PSLE, children with hearing loss and visual impairment may choose to continue their education in designated mainstream secondary schools.  These designated schools follow the mainstream curriculum and have additional support including resource teachers to help students in their learning. MOE provides assistive technology devices, e.g. FM equipment, Braille Notebook Computers and talking calculators, to further support these students.