How do I apply for a place in the School for my Child

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Application to Mainstream Schools

After consulting the medical professionals supporting your child and understanding the support and programmes offered by the different schools, you may have decided that your child’s learning needs could be supported in a mainstream school. You may enrol your child in a mainstream primary school by participating in the annual Primary One Registration Exercise.

Application to SPED Schools

If you have decided that your child’s learning needs would be better supported in a SPED school, you will need to familiarise yourself with the processes in place for the admission of students.

Different SPED schools have student admission at different times of the year and some of them may have more than one student intake per year. You should contact your shortlisted schools to find out more about the details of their student admission.  

In general, the admission process comprises four key stages:

SPED School Application Key Stages

Stage 1: Application

All applications to SPED schools should be made using the standardised SPED School application form and submitted to the first choice SPED school. For children whose disability profile are served by three or more schools1, it is important for parents to list three choices of SPED schools which are suitable for your child’s disability profile.

In the process of completing and submitting the application form, you should work closely with your referring agency. A referring agency includes mainstream and SPED schools, government hospitals, Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) and professionals supporting your child.

The SPED School Application form has four sections. Each section can be completed separately and concurrently by the relevant parties before it is submitted to the first choice SPED school. The four sections are:

  • Section I: To be completed by referring agency and parents
  • Section II: To be completed by a teacher
  • Section III: To be completed by a medical doctor
  • Section IV: To be completed by a psychologist

When completing the form, you should also refer to Chapter 4 of an accompanying User Guide for the SPED School Application form.

The application can only be processed if all required documents are received in order. Missing or inaccurate information may result in delays in processing of the application.

Stage 2: Processing

Applications are processed to ensure that your child’s learning needs can be best met in the school. Where necessary, the school may contact you for additional information, or meet with you and your child, to match the suitability of your child's profile to the school.

If there is no vacancy in the first choice school, your child’s school placement in an alternative suitable school will be facilitated, taking into consideration your school choices.

For parents of children born after 1 Jan 2012, you have to fulfil your Compulsory Education obligations by enrolling your children in the first choice school, if your child was successful in getting a place, or in the alternative suitable school.

If the first choice school is found to be unsuitable for your child’s learning needs, your application will be referred to MOE’s Multi-Agency Advisory Panel (MAAP). The MAAP comprises specialists and professionals from MOE, Ministry of Health, SPED schools and National Council of Social Service, who will make a recommendation based on the educational interest of your child.

You may also contact your first choice school or referring agency if you have queries on the application.

Stage 3: Communication

Your first choice school will inform you of the outcome of your application. For all successful applications, you will be notified by the first choice school through a Letter of Offer for admission.

Stage 4: Placement

Once you have decided to accept the offer from the school, you must register your child at the school within two weeks from the day you receive the Letter of Offer to confirm the placement.

  1. All disability profiles, with the exception of children with sensory impairment, and children with ASD accessing national curriculum, are served by three or more SPED schools.