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The Enhanced Music programme (EMP) is one of MOE’s flagship music programmes offered by select secondary schools to provide greater opportunities for students with a keen interest, disposition and ability in music to develop their talent. EMP is distinct from music programmes offered in other secondary schools through its innovative curriculum and pedagogy that offer real world connections and practices (e.g. linking up with suitable creative industrial partners) and opportunities for collaborative learning through combined students’ and teachers’ events and workshops to achieve quality students learning and outcomes.

The EMP is an upper secondary programme from Secondary 3 to 4 that leads to the GCE O-level Music or Higher Music examination.

The Programme develops students’ understanding in different music traditions, theory and practices in the creative industries. Students will also have the opportunities to deepen their understanding and skills in the different fields of music studies.

The EMP is offered only at the following schools:

  • Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School *
  • Chung Cheng High School (Main)
  • St Margaret’s Secondary School
  • Yuhua Secondary School*

* new from 2017

As the programme is only offered to students enrolled in these schools, students interested in the EMP are advised to include these schools among their six choices when selecting their secondary schools. To enrol in the programme, students must be eligible for GCE O-Level Music  at the Upper Secondary level and meet any entry requirements set by the school.

For clarification, please contact the following officer:

Ms Tan Chai Jing, Agnes (Arts Education OfficerSenior Specialist/Music)

Tel: (+65) 6831 9801