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Since 1983, the Art Elective Programme (AEP) have provided opportunities for students passionate and talented in art to pursue art in deeper and broader ways. The AEP curriculum aims to develop students’ conceptual and analytical thinking and creativity. It covers historical and theoretical studies in Art, places emphasis on creative processes and exposes students to a wide range of media and art forms. In addition, students will also participate in combined enrichment events where they will learn and collaborate with peers across other AEP schools. The enriched learning experiences will connect students with arts institutions, practitioners and practices in the creative industries.

The AEP is a four-year programme at the secondary level and a two-year programme at the junior college level. Details about the AEP can be found in the AEP brochure. Samples of the AEP curriculum and students’ creative processes and artworks can be found in the catalogue published for the AEP exhibition.


To qualify for the AEP at secondary school level, students must first meet the entry requirement of the Express course in the selected school. Upon admission to the school, he or she must apply for the programme at the school and must pass an internal AEP selection exercise set by the school.

To qualify for the AEP at junior college level, students must first meet the entry requirement of the selected Junior College. Students should thereafter apply for the programme upon admission to the school and must pass an internal AEP selection exercise set by the Junior College.

Programme Overview And Application

AEP is offered only at the following schools:

School Type Level
Bukit Panjang Govt. High School* Autonomous Secondary
CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh)* Autonomous Secondary
Hwa Chong Institution# SAP, Independent Secondary, Pre-U
National Junior College^ Government Secondary, Pre-U
Nanyang Girls’ High School# SAP, Independent Secondary
Nanyang Junior College Government Pre-U
Victoria School Autonomous Secondary
Zhonghua Secondary School* Autonomous Secondary

* Applicable only to the Express Course.

^ With effect from 2016, also a Centre for AEP for students in schools not offering the AEP (secondary level only) or Enhanced Art Programme (EAP).

# Students who are admitted into the AEP within an Independent School are eligible for a fee subsidy up to a cap of $2400 per student per year. This is applicable for all AEP students regardless of nationality. However, it should be noted that AEP students who also qualify for other Singapore-MOE Awards, such as the Edusave Scholarship for Independent Schools (ESIS) are entitled to only one award; i.e. either the AEP fee subsidy or the ESIS.

Primary 6 students interested in the AEP are advised to select Secondary schools offering the programme among the six choices of school during the Secondary One (S1) Posting Exercise each November. They are encouraged to select an AEP school as their first choice.

AEP (Secondary)

AEP students in the secondary level will take additional lessons and enrichment in Art in place of Design & Technology and Food and Consumer Education at lower secondary. For a glimpse of the AEP curriculum, please refer to the LITTLE BOOK OF ART LESSONS, a selection of seven lower secondary AEP lessons at each of the AEP secondary schools.

Students who are selected and admitted into the AEP (Secondary) will need to commit to the programme for 4 years, following which they will offer Higher Art as a subject for examination at the GCE O-Level. Withdrawals are subject to approval on a case-by-case basis and require the approval of Arts Education Branch, MOE. Higher Art in the GCE O-Level Examination is equivalent to a Humanities subject for admission to Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute. This means that students who offer Higher Art will be allowed to use the Art grade as a Humanities subject grade for admission to Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute.

AEP students in these Integrated Programme (IP) schools – Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls’ High and National Junior College will take a school-based equivalent of the Higher Art examination in the fourth year and have the option to continue the two-year AEP in Year 5 and 6.

AEP (Pre-University)

AEP at junior college level prepares students for A-level H2 and H3 Art. IP students will offer A-level H2 and H3 Art at the end of the six-year AEP.

Students who are selected and admitted into the AEP will need to commit to the programme for 2 years at the JC/IP levels. Withdrawals are subject to approval on a case-by-case basis and require the approval of Arts Education Branch, MOE.


To enable more students to further develop their passion and talent in art, students who are enrolled in schools that do not offer the AEP and Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) can apply to join the AEP centre at National Junior College (NJC). Since 2016, NJC offers the 4-year AEP to Secondary 1 students with passion and talent for art, at. Through a weekly, rigorous art programme, students from other schools will enjoy the same specialised AEP curriculum in art practice, history and theory.

Secondary 1 students in the Express course who are passionate in art can apply to be an external AEP student at NJC by submitting their applications through their own secondary schools in January.

Eligibility For AEP Centre

Students who are not enrolled in schools that offer the AEP or the EAP can apply for programme offered by the AEP Centre through their Secondary schools. This is to optimise opportunities for students in schools not hosting these special programmes.

Prior to applying for the programme, students are to work with their secondary schools to ensure that their school schedules and commitment allow them to participate fully in the AEP. Lessons are conducted on Tuesdays, 3 – 6 pm for Lower Secondary. Lessons for Upper Secondary will be on every Thursday, 3 – 6 pm.

Application to AEP Centre

Students interested to apply to the AEP Centre will need to complete an online application form. A printout of their online application, with their parents’ signature, would have to be submitted to their Secondary School Art Coordinator by Monday 15 January 2018. Late applications will not be accepted.

Selection exercise will be held in 2 phases.

Phase 1
The Phase 1 selection will be on Friday 26 January 2018 and comprise the following exercises within a given time frame:

  • Observational Drawing – Students are to draw given object(s) or image(s) from observation.
  • Creativity Challenge – Students are to create an image(s) and/or object(s) with given ideas, images and/or materials.

Students who are shortlisted from Phase 1 will be notified to attend a portfolio interview at the Phase 2 selection.

Phase 2
They will need to present a portfolio containing at least 3-5 original artworks or images of original artworks created using a variety of different media. During the interview, applicants may be invited to share their ideas and processes behind the artworks through a short 5-minute presentation.

Successful applicants will be notified by 9 March 2018 and invited to join the AEP Centre from Term 2 Week 1. Students who are selected and admitted into the AEP will need to commit to the programme for 4 years, as withdrawal from the AEP requires the approval of Arts Education Branch, MOE.

The application and selection timeline is as follows:

Dates in 2018 Events
2 - 15 Jan Online Application Opens
15 Jan Deadline for Submission of Hard Copy e-application to Students’ own Secondary School
26 Jan
Selection Exercise (Phase 1)
8 Feb Briefing for Phase 1 Shortlisted Applicants and Their Parents
20 -21 Feb

Selection Exercise (Phase 2)
Portfolio Interviews for Shortlisted Applicants

By 9 Mar Notification of Results
From 21 Mar
(Term 2, Week 1)
Commencement of Programme at AEP Centre

For clarification, please contact the following officer:

Dr Koh Bee Kim
(Senior Specialist/Art)

Tel: (+65) 6831 9793