Junior Sports Academy

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MOE takes a long-term perspective towards developing children’s sporting talent as part of holistic education. The Physical Education (PE) and Sports Development Framework below guides the development of PE and sports in schools, towards life-long participation in sports for all, and sports excellence for some.

The JSA programme is part of MOE’s provision for primary school students with higher abilities in the physical domain. It seeks to provide opportunities for these students to discover their sporting strengths and passion, and subsequently to commit to a sport with more targeted support from schools and relevant sports organisations at the secondary education level and beyond.

JSA programme

Students in the JSA programme are offered the opportunity to participate in four sports modules. Each sports module is conducted once a week, over one semester, on Saturdays. Students will also attend Sports Education Modules (sports-related workshops). See table below for more details.

Time Frame Programme
Primary 4 Semester I (Mar) JSA Selection Trial
Primary 4 Semester I (May) Parents Engagement Session
  • Briefing for selected students and their parents
Primary 4 Semester II (Jul-Nov)
  • Sport Module 1*
  • Sport-related Workshop 1
    • A Guide to Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Sports Injury Management & Prevention
Primary 5 Semester 1 (Jan-May)
  • Sport Module 2*
  • Sport-related Workshop 2
    • Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep
Primary 5 Semester 2 (Jul-Nov)
  • Sport Module 3*
  • Sport-related Workshop 3
    • Mental Skills Training
    • Balance between Sports & Studies
Primary 6 Semester 1 (Jan-May)
  • Sport Module 4*
  • Sport-related Workshop 4
    • Sports Philosophy & Ethics
    • Sports Milestone Achievements in Singapore
    • Sports Ecology in Singapore

*Sport modules will be based on student’s choice of sports

Contact Information

For queries on JSA, please contact:
Physical, Sports & Outdoor Education Branch
Email: MOE_PSOE_Branch@moe.gov.sg
Tel: (+65) 6468 4293

JSA Sport Modules

Students will choose one sport module per category based on the following 19 sports modules currently offered:

General Territorial- Invasion Net-Barrier / Wall Striking-Fielding / Target
Track and Field
Table Tennis
Tenpin bowling

JSA Sports Education Modules (Sport-related workshops)

Title Students will be able to:
A Guide to Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  • Understand the importance of LTAD and its application to their sports development
Strength & Conditioning
  • Understand the importance of systematic training and body preparation for sports
Sports Injury Management & Prevention
  • Identify common type of sports injuries, prevention and treatment, and apply where appropriate
Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep
  • Understand and apply nutritional knowledge in relation to sports training, competition and recovery
  • Understand the importance of sleep to sports performance and apply the pre-sleep strategies in routine
Balance Between Sports & Studies
  • Learn and apply essential skills to manage schoolwork and their commitment to sporting pursuits
Mental Skills Training
  • Learn to develop and adopt positive belief in their capacity to overcome obstacles and pursue goals
Sports Philosophy & Ethics
  • Understand the importance of sports values and display them in their sporting journey
Sports Milestone Achievements
  • Discover Singapore’s sporting milestone and learn from inspiring athletes
Sports Ecology in Spore
  • Be aware of the support for sports in Singapore and career opportunities related to sports

JSA Hosting Venues

The JSA programme is conducted at various locations spread across Singapore. As much as possible, these venues are located near MRT stations to facilitate access via public transport.

Schools Other Venues*
  • Bedok View Secondary School
  • Bendemeer Primary School
  • Bukit View Secondary School
  • Clementi Primary School
  • Gan Eng Seng Secondary School
  • Guangyang Secondary School
  • Meridian Secondary School
  • New Town Primary School
  • North Spring Primary School
  • River Valley High School
  • Sembawang Primary School
  • St. Gabriel’s Secondary School
  • Tampines Secondary School
  • Yishun Secondary School
  • Civil Service Club (Westwood)
  • Heartbeat@Bedok
  • Ministry of Education (Evans)
  • National Sailing Centre
  • Our Tampines Hub
  • SAFRA (Yishun)
  • Singapore Sports School
  • Singapore University of Technology & Design
  • Temasek Club
  • Toa Payoh Swimming Complex

*Venues may vary pending module offering and are also subject to availability

JSA Selection Trial

The JSA selection trial is conducted annually on a Saturday in March. Details of the selection trial will be sent to all primary schools in February for nomination and dissemination. All primary schools will nominate suitable Primary 4 and 5 students for the trial. Parents could also nominate their children through the schools.

The test items for the selection trial is based on generic motor ability (e.g. sprinting, jumping, balancing, ball throw & catch). The test items do not require students to have specific sports skills, so that those without access to early sports training are not disadvantaged. Students therefore do not need to do any specific preparation or have any additional training, but those attending the trial should be generally fit & healthy.

Students are not required to bring any sports equipment to the selection trial. They will only need to attend the trial dressed in PE attire with sports shoes.