Moot Parliament Programme (MPP)


The Moot Parliament Programme (MPP) is organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education. It was first piloted in 2003 as an enrichment programme for Secondary 3 students in the Gifted Education Programme, and became a full-fledged Special Programme in 2005. The MPP depends heavily on community support, primarily from legal professionals who volunteer as expert-mentors, trainers and evaluators in the programme. In addition, the programme also enjoys the support of law undergraduates from NUS and SMU who serve as student-mentors.

This programme aims to

  • educate Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 SBGE/IP pupils on the Singapore model of democratic government, with particular focus on parliament as a legislative institution;
  • enhance pupils’ interest in parliamentary debates and legislation through developing their awareness of the democratic parliamentary process in action; and
  • instil a sense of ownership and ‘rootedness’ to Singapore amongst gifted and highly able teenagers through experiential learning which would take the form of researching social and community issues, drafting legislation, and role-playing active leadership in moot parliament.

Programme Description

The MPP comprises 2 tiers.

  • Tier 1

    Tier 1 involves participation at the MPP Symposium.

  • Tier 2

    Tier 2 is offered to teams (of 4 to 5 pupils) whose proposals have been selected by an evaluation panel.

    Participation in Tier 2 comprises:

    • a six-month mentorship attachment for selected teams (March to August)
    • attending a bill writing workshop
    • attending a seminar to present ideas for the proposed bill
    • attending a public policy workshop
    • attending a forum on active citizenry
    • participating in a learning journey to Parliament House
    • debating bills in Parliament House

Target Group

All Secondary 3 and 4 SBGE/IP pupils in participating schools (by invitation only).