Creative Arts Programme (CAP)


The aim of the CAP is to nurture talented young writers.


The objectives of the CAP are:

  • to expose participants to local literature and other forms of art;
  • to enable participants to understand and appreciate the local, regional and global literature scene;
  • to provide participants with the opportunity to pursue their interests as well as learn and work together with like-minded peers;
  • to provide the opportunity for participants who show commitment to and potential in writing to be mentored by a published author; and
  • to instil in participants a sense of the writer’s responsibility to society and the impact of the written word on the well-being of others.

Programme Description

The CAP is jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education and Yale-NUS College. It comprises a Creative Arts Seminar and a Mentorship Attachment.

The Creative Arts Seminar offers an annual literary adventure for selected pupils. It comprises the following:

  • Writing Workshops, which give young writers a chance to work with other young writers and to learn from established writers;
  • Plenary Sessions and Forums which expose participants to exciting issues on writing and the arts; and
  • Performance Workshops which give participants the opportunity to learn an art form under the guidance of a professional artiste and perform it at the closing ceremony of the Seminar.

A 9-month Mentorship Attachment is offered to selected participants as a follow-up to the Seminar. Participants are selected by the mentors based on their portfolios of creative works and their participation during workshops. The mentored participants are given the opportunity to work under the guidance of a writer, and learn from the expertise and experience which only a writer can provide. The works of mentored participants are published in the annual publication "Eye on the World".

Target Group

Secondary 2 – 3 or IP Year 2 – 3 and JC 1 or Pre-U 1 & 2 in CI or IP Year 5 students

Web Portal

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