Special Programmes

The GEP is known for the wide array of Special Programmes (SP) that are offered to its pupils as extensions of the enriched curriculum. The intent of SP is to identify and reach out to motivated and high-ability pupils in a specific domain, and offer them opportunities to deepen their interest in the field, and to learn from practising professionals and academics. There is usually a mentorship component to SP. Typically for these Programmes, the GE Branch works closely with organisational partners in tertiary education, the industry or the community. Some Special Programmes also cater to pre-university (JC/CI) students.

The philosophy behind Special Programmes is that strong interest in a subject or topic provides unequalled intrinsic motivation and acts as a powerful driving force along the way of self-directed and independent learning. The role of Special Programmes would be to stoke that special passion in the individual learner and open doors for the willing and committed.

Humanities and Language Arts Programmes

Innovation Programme

Science Programmes