Schools Offering the Gifted Education Programme

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Primary Gifted Education Programme (GEP) (Primary 4 to 6)

The Gifted Education Programme is offered in the following primary schools:

School Nature of School
Gender Type
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
Catholic High School (Primary)
Boys SAP*
Henry Park Primary School Co-ed  
Nan Hua Primary School Co-ed SAP*
Nanyang Primary School Co-ed SAP*
Raffles Girls' Primary School Girls  
Rosyth School Co-ed  
St Hilda's Primary School Co-ed  
Tao Nan School Co-ed SAP*

*Note that Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools offer only Chinese Language as Mother Tongue.

The GEP offered in all of these nine schools is essentially the same. Officers of the Gifted Education Branch and GEP teachers meet to develop the curriculum and ensure that a comparable standard is maintained in the GEP offered across the schools. Differences may arise from the type of co-curricular activities offered and the school ethos across schools.

GEP pupils in all nine schools offering the gifted education programme have rich opportunities to interact with their schoolmates through school-wide activities, CCAs and Values-in-Action (VIA) Programmes. These allow them to learn, work and play together on a daily basis.

Post-Primary Provisions

After graduating from primary school, many GEP pupils progress to schools which offer the Integrated Programme (IP), School-Based Gifted Education (SBGE) or various talent development provisions.

For a list of Integrated Programme Schools, refer to the Integrated Programme webpage.