NUS-MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Research (HSSR)


NUS-MOE HSSR1 is offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), National University of Singapore (NUS), and the Gifted Education Branch (GE Branch), Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD), Ministry of Education (MOE). It is an H3 option for A-Level students who demonstrate outstanding aptitude and ability in one of the following six subjects:

  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literature in English, and
  • Malay Language and Literature

Under the programme, students will carry out independent study and research in consultation with an academic staff from the FASS. This will allow students to pursue their interest in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and add diversity and depth to the A-Level curriculum. Students will write an Extended Essay, which will be assessed as part of their A-Level examination.


NUS-MOE HSSR aims to:

  • expand students’ understanding of the individual and society through explorations of different dimensions of the world,
  • equip students with some knowledge of research methods,
  • encourage students to think critically and creatively about complex issues in their research area, and
  • cultivate in students the passion for independent learning.

Time Frame

Application for the programme takes place in September/October (when students are in JC1/Y5/PU2). The programme ends in Aug the following year (when students are in JC2/Y6/PU3) with the submission of the Extended Essay. The curriculum time is approximately 120 hours of independent work and consultation with an NUS Supervisor.

Timeline for HSSR 2021 (application takes place in 2020)

Date Activity
26 Oct 2020 (Monday) Deadline for submission of application
6 – 8 Nov 2020 Shortlisted applicants will be notified
9 – 16 Nov 2020 Shortlisted applicants to complete online application with NUS
1st week of December 2020 NUS to send offer packages
7 Dec 2020 (Monday) Deadline for shortlisted applicants to accept offer
14 Dec 2020 Shortlisted applicants to complete online pre-registration procedures

7 Jan 2021 (Thursday)
[to be confirmed again if it will be conducted in-person or online]

HSSR Briefing
(Compulsory for students and Teacher Co-ordinators)
Familiarisation Tour of FASS
(Compulsory for students)
HSSR Matriculation
(Compulsory for students)
8 Jan – 28 May 2021 Consultation with NUS Supervisors
21 May 2021 (Friday) HSSR Student Feedback Session
(Compulsory for students)
30 Jul 2021 (Friday) Deadline for submission of Extended Essay for assessment


Since the programme is at H3 level, students must have the necessary knowledge and competencies at H2 level. Thus, students are required to take the corresponding subject at H2.

For example, a student who wishes to offer the programme in History must have taken H2 History in JC1, and continue taking H2 History in JC2.

The table below shows the requisite subject for each of the HSSR options:

HSSR (as a H3 option) Corresponding H2 subject (and link to examination syllabus - for reference)
Chinese Language and Literature Chinese Language and Literature
Exam syllabus
Subject syllabus
Economics Economics
Exam syllabus
Geography Geography
Exam syllabus
History History
Exam syllabus 
Literature in English Literature in English
Exam syllabus 
Malay Language and Literature Malay Language and Literature
Exam syllabus 

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

  1. Since 2006, the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (JC) [HSSRP(JC)] has been replaced by NUS-MOE HSSR. It is no longer offered as an enrichment programme. HSSR is offered only as an H3 option.