Individualised Study Options

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Individualised Study Options (ISO) was introduced in 2003 as an umbrella term for the different types of project work available to GEP pupils.

There is a wide range of options under ISO, as the name suggests. Projects may be offered under Individualised Research Study (IRS), the Innovation Programme (IvP), or under school-initiated programmes such as Future Problem Solving (FPS), the Schools Digital Media Award (SDMA), or Destination Imagination (DI). Each ISO emphasises a slightly different set of skills, ranging from research skills (IRS), information technology skills (SDMA), inventive thinking skills (IvP), to problem-solving skills (DI & FPS).

Pupils in Primary 4 are all taught core research skills such as library research, data gathering, data analysis and report writing during their IRS lessons to prepare them for project work in the various ISOs in Primary 5.

Pupils who choose IRS as an ISO in P5 will work on a research project based on their personal interests. The IRS aims to prepare GEP pupils to become independent learners, and to give them opportunities to explore specific areas of talent and interest in greater depth. The IRS has been a cornerstone of the GEP’s enriched curriculum for many years. The research and presentation skills GEP pupils acquire as they work on their IRS are invaluable in preparing them for more advanced research work at secondary and tertiary levels.

In the implementation of ISO, a teacher-mentor supervises a small number of pupils and provides monitoring and feedback to encourage and help the pupils as they complete their projects. Parents can also help by providing support, encouragement and practical assistance such as discussing the project with their child, and helping him/her get appropriate resources.

Pupils do not receive a grade in their report books on their ISO projects. They showcase and share their findings and products at various platform in their school. Outstanding IRS projects are showcased at the annual IRS Exhibition organised by the Gifted Education Branch. The projects are judged and awards are given to pupils who perform well in the oral presentation segment as well as poster exhibition.

Target Groups

Primary 4 and 5 GEP pupils