GEP Identification

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Identification of Pupils for the GEP

The entry point into the GEP is at Primary 4.

Pupils are identified for the GEP through a two-stage exercise in Primary 3.

Stage Month Participants Papers
Screening August

Primary 3 pupils enrolled in government and government-aided schools

English Language


Selection October

Only shortlisted pupils will be invited to the Selection stage

English Language


General Ability

The GEP identification exercise aims to identify pupils with high intellectual potential. As students develop at different rates, we should allow them to blossom at their own pace. Parents should not enrol their children in test-preparation activities for the identification exercise. Test preparation activities could inflate pupils’ scores and not reflect their actual potential. Pupils who are not ready to handle the intellectual rigour and demands of the GEP will struggle to cope with the enriched curriculum and not benefit fully from it. This would put undue stress on the pupils, and may even impact their self-esteem and cause them to lose confidence.

Eligibility of Pupils for the Identification Exercise

All Primary 3 pupils studying in Singapore government and government-aided schools are eligible to participate in the Screening exercise.

Pupils who are not enrolled in our mainstream school system are NOT eligible to participate in the identification exercise. If they would like to take part in the identification exercise, they must be enrolled in a government or government-aided primary school, by the first semester of the Primary 3 year.

Pupils who have been granted Leave of Absence from the Singapore school system can take part in the GEP Screening exercise together with their cohort in their school. Parents should contact the school to find out details about the Screening exercise.

Dates for the Identification Exercise

The schedule for GEP Identification Exercise 2020 as shown below:

  • GEP Screening exercise: 19 August 2020
  • GEP Selection exercise: 20 and 21 October 2020

Outcome of the GEP identification exercise

Parents are informed of the outcome of the Selection exercise through the pupils' school. Successful pupils will receive a letter of invitation to join the GEP. There will be a briefing on the GEP for parents and pupils in early November.