Creative and Heuristic Applications of Science (CHAOS)


The aim of the CHAOS competition is to provide the opportunity for pupils to apply creative and heuristic problem-solving skills to real-world case studies using an interdisciplinary approach. This helps develop their research and independent learning skills, and also helps them appreciate the value of teamwork.


The contest is open to all secondary and integrated programmes schools in Singapore. A set of 4 challenging problems will be posted on the Internet at the launch of the competition. Schools will be notified of the contest and the procedure to download the problem statements.

There are 2 rounds in this competition:

  • Preliminary Round

    Students will work on the problems and submit their proposed solutions to the Gifted Education Branch by the assigned deadline. Their proposals will be evaluated by a panel of judges from NUS. Up to 6 entries will be selected for presentation at the final round.

  • Final Round

    Up to 6 teams will do a presentation before a panel of judges.

    The final ranking will be based on marks scored for the preliminary and final rounds. The presentation for the Finals has to be done by the whole team.

All participants will receive certificates of participation. Prizes will be awarded to all finalists. Honorary Mention will also be awarded to the top 2 non-finalist teams for each discipline. The best solution to each problem, with comments by the judges, will also be posted on the Internet. For more information, please visit the CHAOS website.

Target Group

Lower secondary students are welcome to take part in CHAOS.