Registering a Private School

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Prospective private school operators are to read thoroughly the School Registration Notes before logging online to LicenceOne

Sample School Constitution:

Sample Appointment Notes and Directors’ Resolution (for private limited company) for School Management Committee (SMC):

Online submission

Please select “Apply for New Licence” and choose “Ministry of Education” as the Government Agency when seeking application via LicenceOne. For more information on the online application, please refer to the guide at

Submission of Documents

The documents required to register the private school, are to be submitted to Private Schools Section (via despatch or postal mail) at:

Private Schools Section
MOE HQ, 15th Floor
1 North Buona Vista Drive

Singapore 138675

Once all the documents as specified in the School Registration Notes are submitted and found to be in order, MOE officers will inspect the premises of the private school.

Please Note:

MOE registers private schools, the courses they offer and the teachers conducting the registered courses. To be registered, prospective private school operators need to fulfil the requirements as laid out in the School Registration Notes for the setting up and registration of private schools. As all private schools are owned by private entities, the operators themselves are responsible for the management and administration of their schools and courses.

Private school operators who wish to indicate the registration status of their schools, courses and teachers with MOE, should only use the term “Registered with the Ministry of Education” and not otherwise. MOE registration gives private schools the right to operate when they have met basic statutory requirements.

Registration by MOE does not in any way represent an endorsement or accreditation of the quality of the schools, courses offered and the teachers permitted to teach these courses.

For Kindergartens and Special Education Schools, please refer to the following websites for more information: