Change of School Name

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Name of School

Private schools shall update through the LicenceOne for its change of school name. Please note that the application should be made by an existing member of the private school's Committee of Management. Before doing the online application, please ensure that the following steps are carried out:

  • read the information on this webpage thoroughly
  • prepare the supporting documents

Note: You are advised to submit your proposed school name to us at prior to making the change with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). For our easy reference, please include the current school name, the proposed school name and the reason(s) for the change in the e-mail. A complete application with all the necessary documents will be processed within 2 weeks. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will result in a delay of processing time.

If abbreviations are used in the name proposed, please state what the abbreviations stand for.

The name proposed ought to reflect the curriculum and type of courses to be offered by the proposed school (e.g. language school named as ”—— Language School”).

Words such as ‘Singapore’, ‘National’, etc. would indicate ownership, links with Government. Hence, private schools should not be so named/styled, e.g. “Singapore———————”, “National———————”, etc.

Where the proposed school is/will be registered as a sole-proprietorship/partnership business with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), both the name of the school and the business has to be similar.

MOE reserves the right to refuse registration of any name proposed for a school, which is deemed unsuitable or misleading. For clarification on proposed school name, you are advised to consult the Private Schools Section prior to registration with ACRA. You may email your queries to

Online Submission

Please select “Amend Existing Licence” and choose “Ministry of Education” as the Government Agency when seeking application via LicenceOne. For more information on the online application, please refer to the guide at

Supporting Documents

Please prepare the following supporting documents prior to logging online:

  1. Original hand-signed hardcopy Appointment Note from Partners (if ownership of school is a partnership business or a limited liability partnership) or Directors’ Resolution (if ownership of school is a company) on the change of school name
  2. Latest ACRA BizFILE printout
  3. Original Certificate of Registration of School and Classroom Accommodation Certificates [If you have misplaced/lost the original school certificate, please provide us with a Statutory Declaration (SD) on the lost document. You may obtain the SD from a Commissioner of Oaths.]

All hardcopy supporting documents are to be mailed to:

Ministry of Education
Private Schools Section
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138683

Please indicate your school name, online application ID, date of submission and specify “Change of School Name”.

Upon approval of the application in LicenceOne and the successful completion of all necessary administrative procedures (including payment of registration fees to LicenceOne), the relevant certificate(s) will be issued by MOE. Payment of registration fee to LicenceOne should be made within the grace period of 90 days upon approval. After 90 days, if no payment is received, your application will be deemed withdrawn voluntarily by you. You will then need to re-apply.

For technical assistance in LicenceOne, you may email to Alternatively, you can call 6774 1430 from 8am-8pm on Mondays to Fridays and 8am-2pm on Saturdays.