Subject-Based Banding (Primary)

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Catering to Your Child’s Abilities

Every child is unique, and has different aptitudes, capabilities and talents. Our schools believe in providing a balanced education that caters to the different abilities of each child so that we can prepare him for life.

Subject-based Banding (Pri) was introduced as a refinement to the streaming process to help each child realise his potential, based on his strengths and needs.

What Is Subject-Based Banding (Pri)?

Subject-based Banding (Pri) provides greater flexibility for your child by offering him the option of a combination of standard and foundation subjects, depending on his strengths. For example, if he excels in English and Mother Tongue but needs more support in Mathematics and Science, he may choose to take the first two subjects at the standard level and the others at the foundation level.

Such a choice will allow your child to focus on and stretch his potential in the subjects that he is strong in while building up the fundamentals in the subjects that he needs more support in.

Subject-Based Banding (Pri) And Secondary School Admission: How Are They Related?

Progression to secondary level depends on your child’s PSLE score. The different expectations of standard and foundation subjects will be taken into account when your child’s PSLE score is calculated. If he excels in his subjects, he will have the opportunity to pursue higher-level options at secondary school.

Offering subjects at the foundation level is not a disadvantage to your child. It enables him to focus on building up strong fundamentals in these subjects and better prepares him for progression to secondary school.

What are some choices available?

 If your child (for P4 exam)  Your child may be recommended to take
Passes all 4 subjects and performs
very well in Mother Tongue
4 standard subjects + Higher Mother Tongue
 Passes all 4 subjects  4 standard subjects
 Passes 3 subjects  4 standard subjects
 Passes 2 subjects or less 4 standard subjects; or
3 standard subjects + 1 other foundation subject; or
2 standard subjects + 2 other foundation subjects; or
1 standard subject + 3 other foundation subjects; or
4 foundation subjects

How Does Subject-Based Banding (Pri) Work?


We are always here to help

Schools will help recommend subject combinations, based on your child’s needs and abilities.

If you have any questions on Subject-based Banding (Pri), you should approach your child’s school for help.

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