From Primary to Secondary Education

Post-PSLE Option Exercise

All students sitting for the PSLE (except for those admitted to secondary schools under discretionary admission) will indicate their choice of secondary schools after the release of the PSLE results. The PSLE results are released soon after the last day of the school year. Thereafter, parents and students can make their choice. Students are given 6 choices, and posting results are released before 25 December.

Posting is based on merit and choice. Parents and students may wish to consider selecting schools that best meet a student's learning needs and which are located nearer their homes.

Discretionary Admission to Secondary Schools

Key Changes

  • Secondary schools with Integrated Programmes have full discretion in student admissions.
  • Autonomous Schools and Independent Schools can set aside 10% and 20% of their school vacancies respectively for discretionary admission.
  • Schools with approved niches of excellence can set aside 5% of their school vacancies for discretionary admission.
  • Students are selected during the Direct School Admission Exercise using school-based criteria, before the central posting exercise.

In 2005, all secondary schools offering Integrated Programmes, Independent Schools, Autonomous Schools and schools with niches of excellence were given greater autonomy in the admission of a certain percentage of students to their schools, using their school-based selection criteria.

Why are we doing this?

To allow our schools to have greater flexibility to recognise a more diverse range of achievements and talents. In turn, we want to encourage students to put more effort into activities and pursuits that they have special interest or talent in.