Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum


MOE is developing the NEL Curriculum, a comprehensive range of kindergarten curriculum resources that supports early childhood educators in Singapore in creating and delivering quality learning experiences for children aged four to six years.

MOE has launched the following NEL Curriculum resources to support early childhood educators in Singapore in creating and delivering quality learning experiences for children aged four to six years. Click on the images to download a copy of the resources:

nel curriculum architecture

NEL Framework

nel framework

The NEL Framework articulates MOE’s belief and principles about how children learn and develop, and what constitutes quality pre-school education. The Framework also contains learning goals for six learning areas that establish what children should know and be able to do at the end of their kindergarten education, to ensure they have a smooth transition from Kindergarten 2 to Primary 1. The six learning areas are: Aesthetics & Creative Expression, Discovery of the World, Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Motor Skills Development and Social & Emotional Development.

NEL Educators' Guide

The NEL Educators’ Guide complements the NEL Framework and is designed to help pre-school educators put into practice the teaching and learning practices articulated in the NEL Framework.

The Educators’ Guide consists of seven volumes. The first volume serves as a Global Guide and provides an overview of how children develop and learn, and explains how the iTeach principles can be enacted by teachers. The other six volumes in the Guide focus on one learning area each.

The Guide includes teaching strategies to engage children effectively, suggestions on organising the learning environment, as well as ideas to observe and assess learning.

nel education guide
nel education guide aesthetics creative expression
nel education guide discovery of the world
nel education guide language literacy
nel education guide motor skills development
nel education guide numeracy
nel education guide social emotional development

NEL Framework for Mother Tongue Languages

MOE envisions for every child to be an active learner, who enjoys using Mother Tongue Language (MTL), communicates with confidence and appreciates local ethnic culture.

Aligned to the NEL Framework, the NEL Framework for MTLs articulates a broad set of vision, objectives, guiding principles and learning goals for MTL teaching and learning. The learning goals of the Framework depict the knowledge, skills and dispositions that children should be able to acquire at the end of Kindergarten 2, when they participate in a pre-school MTL programme.

In addition, the guiding principles support MTL teachers in their planning the implementation of their MTL curriculum, as well as in observing and assessing children’s MTL learning.

The Framework is available in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

nel framework mtl
nel framework mtl chinese
nel framework mtl malay
nel framework mtl tamil

NEL Educators' Guide for Mother Tongue Languages

The Educators’ Guides for MTLs are written for each specific MTL, and are available in Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Similar to the NEL Educators’ Guide, the Educators’ Guide for MTLs help MTL teachers translate the NEL Framework for MTLs into quality learning experiences for children.

nel education guide
nel education guide
nel education guide

NEL Teaching And Learning Resources

The NEL teaching and learning resources support teachers in nurturing and developing children’s knowledge, skills and dispositions. They include the NEL Big Books for English and MTLs, which are designed to support the development of language and literacy skills and to nurture early childhood bilingualism.

The NEL Big Books feature stories with a distinctive Singapore flavour, which closely relate to children’s experiences and everyday lives. This provides an authentic context to make language learning relevant for children.

The Big Books can be used flexibly by pre-school centres to complement their curriculum. Pre-school educators can use the Big Books as read-aloud stories or to teach language and early literacy skills using the Shared Book Approach.

The Big Books are available in all 3 MTLs, i.e., Chinese, Malay and Tamil.