Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Curriculum

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The NEL Curriculum is a set of resources developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It supports early childhood educators in creating quality learning experiences for children aged 4 to 6.

The NEL Curriculum:

  • is anchored by the NEL Framework and complemented by the NEL Educators’ Guide and the NEL Teaching and Learning Resources; and
  • includes a parallel set of resources for the Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs).

The NEL Curriculum resources are available on the NEL Portal.

NEL Teaching And Learning Resources

The NEL teaching and learning resources support teachers in nurturing and developing children’s knowledge, skills and dispositions. They include the NEL Big Books for English and MTLs, which are designed to support the development of language and literacy skills and to nurture early childhood bilingualism.

The NEL Big Books feature stories with a distinctive Singapore flavour, which closely relate to children’s experiences and everyday lives. This provides an authentic context to make language learning relevant for children.

The Big Books can be used flexibly by pre-school centres to complement their curriculum. Pre-school educators can use the Big Books as read-aloud stories or to teach language and early literacy skills using the Shared Book Approach.

NEL Portal (NEL.SG) - Your One-Stop Access to All Things NEL


The NEL Portal is a one-stop online repository of NEL Curriculum resources for local pre-school educators, featuring resources with a distinctive Singapore flavour. Pre-school educators can access the following:

  • NEL Framework
  • NEL Educator’s Guide
  • NEL Framework for MTLs (available in English and the 3 MTLs)
  • NEL Educator’s Guide for MTLs (available in the 3 MTLs)
  • Teaching and learning guidelines on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in pre-school centres

In addition, the NEL Portal features:

  • Videos that illustrate how the iTeach principles are put into action
  • Photo-stories that illustrate particular elements within each learning area and learning disposition
  • Activity ideas that are aligned to the NEL Curriculum
  • Digital picture books to nurture learning dispositions
  • NEL Big Book complementary resources such as teaching steps, song lyrics and activity ideas in English and the MTLs
  • Research findings in Early Childhood Education

It also provides a platform for learning and sharing among pre-school educators as they share good practices and activity ideas.

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