Thinking Schools, Learning Nation” is the Government’s vision for Singapore’s education in the 21st Century. It aims to improve our education system to prepare our young to face future challenges. In addition to committed teachers and sound education programmes, good school facilities must be developed to provide a physical environment conducive to learning and creative thinking.

Many of our schools today were built over the last 20-30 years. To ensure that all students have access to facilities that can support a wide range of educational programmes, the Ministry of Education has initiated a major Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing schools (PRIME). PRIME was launched in 1999 and will be implemented in phases to redevelop our schools to the latest standards.

New and upgraded facilities will include computer laboratories, media resource libraries, IT learning resource rooms, pastoral care rooms and health and fitness rooms. Teachers and students can also look forward to bigger classrooms and staff-rooms, and more interaction areas.

Schools constructed before 1997 will either be upgraded or rebuilt. Upgrading involves construction of extension blocks and alteration of existing school buildings, while rebuilding involves construction of new buildings. Construction will be done in phases. The phasing of schools under PRIME was determined by the age of the schools; the state of existing facilities in the schools; and the availability and suitability of sites.

How is PRIME Carried Out?

  • On-site Rebuilding & Upgrading

    Where feasible, a school will remain on-site while construction work is carried out for either upgrading or rebuilding.

    Otherwise, a school will move to a temporary holding school while upgrading or rebuilding is carried out at its present site.

  • Relocation

    Where a vacant site is available, the new school will be built on this site. The school will relocate to the new site once the school building is ready.

  • Mergers

    To optimise the use of resources, schools may merge and be relocated.