Enabling Teachers

A Teacher conducting a lessonTeachers are very important to all that we do in education. We will do all we can to support our teachers in their efforts to bring quality and new and innovative practices into the classroom and school. We will also help them to build up their capabilities as teaching professionals so that they are more able to guide their students in their growing years.

Schools will have more teachers, full-time counsellors, increased manpower grants and greater autonomy over the next few years.

These allow for the implementation of smaller class size in Primary 1 and 2. The increased pool of teachers in every school will also allow for more flexible teaching and class arrangements at all levels.

Teachers will have more time and space to interact with students, to reflect on their teaching, to share lessons with each other, and to develop new teaching approaches to inspire and guide their students.

Teachers will have more opportunities to develop themselves professionally.

MOE has improved and increased the range of opportunities for teachers to develop their professional capabilities. Besides updating themselves on changes in content and teaching methods, teachers will also pick up skills that will enable them to be more creative and innovative and also to pass on these skills to their students. MOE will set up one Centre of Excellence for Professional Development at each of the four zones to help teachers share their expertise more easily. MOE has also worked with NIE to give teachers the opportunity to obtain higher professional certification, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

There will be more work attachment opportunities for teachers, both locally and overseas, in schools as well as business and community agencies. Students will benefit from the fresh perspectives and experiences that teachers bring back to the classrooms.