Children residing overseas

Parents with a child due for Primary One admission and who is residing overseas are required to inform the Ministry of Education (MOE) about the child’s whereabouts in the year the child is due to participate in the Primary One Registration Exercise.

The table below illustrates when parents should inform MOE about their child’s whereabouts.

Child’s Date
of Birth
Due for P1 admission on Due for P1 Registration
Exercise in
Period to Inform MOE
2 Jan 2012 to
1 Jan 2013
1 Jan 2019 2018 Jan 2018 to
Jun 2018
2 Jan 2013 to
1 Jan 2014
1 Jan 2020 2019 Jan 2019 to
Jun 2019
2 Jan 2014 to
1 Jan 2015
1 Jan 2021 2020 Jan 2020 to
Jun 2020

For example, a child born between 2 Jan 2012 and 1 Jan 2013, both dates inclusive, is due for Primary One admission on 1 Jan 2019. Parents should inform MOE about the child’s status from January 2018 to June 2018.

Parents are required to complete this form and submit the necessary supporting documents online. Parents should ensure that they receive an acknowledgment email from MOE upon submission of the form and documents online.

When a Singapore Citizen child returns to reside in Singapore, is of compulsory school age1 and has not completed his/her primary education or its equivalent in a school setting, parents must ensure that he/she completes his primary education in a national primary school.

  1. According to the Compulsory Education Act, a child of ‘compulsory school age’ is one who is above the age of 6 years and who has not yet attained the age of 15 years