S1 Option Phase

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This phase is for parents to submit their child’s Secondary 1 (S1) options and/or secondary school choices after the release of the PSLE results.

S1 Option Form and Eligibility Letter

Each Primary 6 (P6) student from our mainstream schools who are eligible for secondary school will receive their PSLE results slip along with:

A personalised S1 Option Form

Students are to discuss their secondary school choices with their parents as they complete the S1 Option Form. The form contains a unique password (S1 PIN) for parents to submit their child’s S1 options via the S1 Internet System (S1-IS). The S1 PIN can be found at the top right-hand corner of the form. The S1 Option Form should be sealed when first received. If not, parents should inform their child’s primary school immediately. To prevent any unauthorised access to the S1-IS, parents should keep the S1 PIN confidential.

A personalised Eligibility Letter

This letter (enclosed in S1 Option Form) provides a list of eligibilities that the student is eligible for.

Students, including those successfully allocated a secondary school via DSA-Sec Exercise, who are eligible for the following eligibilities, may submit their options during the S1 Option Phase.

  • Third Language
  • Express/Normal (Academic) course or Normal (Academic)/Normal (Technical) course

For the various eligibilities, you may refer to Eligibility Letter for more information.

Important Considerations in Selection of Secondary School

Parents are advised to make use of all six secondary school choices, in order of preference.

In choosing secondary schools and making S1 options for their child, parents may consider the following factors amongst others. Please refer to Considerations When Choosing Schools and Making S1 Options for more information. 

  • Child’s personality, learning style, strengths and interests
  • Compatibility of child’s academic performance with schools
  • Distance between school and home
  • Affiliated schools
  • Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools
  • Special programmes/schemes
  • Special needs

More Pathways for Secondary School Students

Schools Offering Both Integrated Programme and 'O' Level Programme

The following schools offer both the Integrated Programme (IP) and General Cambridge Examination (GCE) Ordinary ‘O’ Level Programme. Students can opt for either of the programmes (IP or ‘O’ Level) in these schools. For schools with affiliated primary schools and offering both IP and ‘O’ Level programme, the affiliation considerations will only be given for admission into the ‘O’ Level Programme, and not the IP. For more information on affiliation, click here.

Secondary School Name Programme Option Code
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 'O' Level 7001
IP 9161
Catholic High School 'O' Level 7102
IP 9131
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School 'O' Level 3004
IP 9152
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 'O' Level 7118
IP 9134
Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) 'O' Level 7030
IP 9162
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School 'O' Level 7014
IP 9132
St. Joseph’s Institution 'O' Level 7020
IP 9141
Victoria School 'O' Level 3014
IP 9151

Students who are interested in both the IP and ‘O’ Level Programmes offered by the same school are required to indicate the option codes from both programmes separately as their school choices in order of preference. A student who has indicated only the IP option code of School A will not be automatically considered for posting to the ‘O’ Level Programme in School A, and vice versa.

Specialised School for Normal (Technical) (SSNT)

P6 students from our mainstream schools who are interested to enrol in SSNT [i.e. Crest Secondary School (CSS) or Spectra Secondary School (SSS)] should apply to the school directly after release of the PSLE results.

Students who have applied to CSS or SSS will still need to participate in the S1 Posting Exercise to opt for their school choices. Students who are successfully admitted into CSS or SSS will be informed via letter and Short Messaging System (SMS) and will not be posted to another school under the S1 Posting Exercise. Students who are not successful at getting a place at CSS or SSS will be posted to a secondary school under the S1 Posting Exercise. 

Submission of S1 Options and/or Eligibilities

Here are two ways to submit your child’s secondary school and/or eligibility options:

1. Online via the S1 Internet System (S1-IS)

Parents can submit their child’s secondary school and/or eligibility options online via S1-IS. Parents can log in to the S1-IS using their child’s BC No./FIN and the S1 PIN during the S1 Option Phase. The S1 PIN can be found at the top right-hand corner in the child’s S1 Option Form. The S1-IS is accessible 24-hour starting from 11am on the first day until 3pm on the last day of S1 Option Phase.

You may refer to the step-by-step guide on using the S1-IS.

Important Note:

Remember to print and retain a copy of the Verification Slip (VS) after submitting your child’s options on the S1-IS. Note that if you are unable to view the VS, your child’s options may not have been submitted. In such cases, log in to the S1-IS again to confirm the status of your submission.

2. In person at your child’s primary school

Parents or their appointed proxy can seek assistance from the school to submit the S1 options. They are to bring the completed S1 Option Form to the child’s primary school during the S1 Option Phase. Parents who wish to authorise a proxy are required to complete the S1 Proxy Form.

Parents or their appointed proxy are to ensure that the entries on the S1 Option Form are correct and legible. The school staff will enter the S1 options into the system and issue a Verification Slip (VS) endorsed with the school stamp. Parents or their appointed proxy should check the VS to ensure that the S1 options entered are correct and inform the school staff immediately if there are any discrepancies. Parents or their appointed proxy must sign on the VS after checking and keep a copy of the VS.

Important Note:

P6 students who have accepted offers from the Singapore Sports School (SSP) are still required to participate in the S1 Posting Exercise. This will allow them to return to the posted mainstream secondary school provided to them under the S1 Posting Exercise, if they subsequently need to leave the SSP.