Returning Singaporeans

Who are Returning Singaporeans?

Returning Singaporean children refers to children who are Singapore Citizens (SC) or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) who are living and studying overseas and are currently not attending local schools.

Returning Singaporean Children include:

  • Children who are going overseas to live and study.
  • Children who are currently living and studying overseas
  • Children who are returning home having lived and studied overseas

Why does MOE help Returning Singaporeans?

In support of Singapore’s regionalisation efforts, Ministry of Education (MOE) is committed to assisting all Returning Singaporeans to benefit from our education system. In this regard, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to Singaporeans who are going overseas, Singaporeans who are coming home, as well as children who are new Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents who are not attending our local schools.

How does MOE help Returning Singaporeans?

The services available for Returning Singaporeans are summarised in the table below. Click on the respective links for more details.

MOE Services for Returning Singaporeans
Singaporeans Going Overseas
Leave of Absence Scheme

Singaporeans planning to go overseas for work or related concerns may reserve school places for their children in their current schools under this scheme. The children can be readmitted directly to their schools when they return.

Boarding Awards Scheme

This scheme offers Singaporean Citizens the benefits of a Singapore education while living in hostels in Singapore whilst their parents are working or living overseas. MOE will help to place applicants into school-based hostels and pay for 50% or 100% of the hostel boarding fees.

Singaporeans Currently Overseas
Primary One Registration

Parents with Returning Singaporean children who are due to enter Primary One are encouraged to register their children while abroad during the Primary One Registration Exercise (usually held from July to September). Overseas Singaporean children enjoy the same priority as their counterparts residing in Singapore.

Immersion Programme

This programme allows Singaporean students to attend classes for a stipulated period to get a feel of school life in Singapore and helps in easing their re-entry to the system.

Singaporeans Returning Home
School Admission

In recognition of the different needs of Returning Singaporeans, MOE has provided several options for school admission. Returning Singaporeans can choose one or more options based on their individual needs. For example, Returning Singaporeans who have a strong preference for a school of choice may choose to approach the school directly to seek admission, or also apply to MOE for assistance for placement into the school.

Returning Singaporeans - Options to Apply

Contact Information

For enquiries on MOE Services for Returning Singaporeans, please contact us at:

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