Sexuality Education: Roles of stakeholders

Different stakeholders play a part to support your child’s Sexuality Education. Learn about the roles they play.

The following stakeholders work together to make the MOE Sexuality Education effective:


School personnel support your child’s learning in the following ways:

  • The principal oversees the implementation of MOE Sexuality Education according to MOE’s guidelines and objectives.
  • Trained teachers deliver the lessons.
  • School counsellors advise and counsel students on sexuality-related matters.

As parents, you play a primary role in your child’s Sexuality Education. No matter where they get their information from, you are the best person to teach them what is right or wrong.

You are encouraged to be involved in the Sexuality Education programmes in school. If you're interested, you can contact your child's school directly to:

  • Ask to sit in during these lessons or programmes.
  • Provide feedback.

To complement what your child learns in school, you can support your child by:

  • Initiating and talking about sexuality issues.
  • Focusing on the importance of responsible behaviour.
  • Being open to discuss their beliefs and values.
  • Being there to advise and guide your child.
You can opt your child out from the school's Sexuality Education programme, talks or workshops. To do so, please complete an opt-out form from the school's website and return it to the school.
Encourage your child to ask you, their teachers or school counsellors questions if they have doubts or need help.
External providers and partners

Schools work with the wider community by engaging:

  • MOE-approved external providers to supplement the school's Sexuality Education.
  • Health professionals, social workers and youth workers as resource partners.

As an external provider, you can apply to conduct Sexuality Education programmes in schools.