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Sexuality Education: Overview

Students will learn about the physical, emotional, social and ethical dimensions of human sexuality in primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges and Millennia Institute. Learn more about the MOE Sexuality Education and how you can support your child.

What is Sexuality Education?

Sexuality Education is a process of gaining knowledge and forming attitudes, beliefs and values regarding human sexuality.

MOE Sexuality Education covers the following areas:

  • Physical: Physical changes during sexual maturity.
  • Emotional: Sexual attitudes and feelings towards self and others.
  • Social: Sexual norms and behaviour, and the legal, cultural and societal implications.
  • Ethical: Values and moral systems related to sexuality.

Why have Sexuality Education?

Our children are growing up with a wide range of influences through the media and the internet. Sexuality Education aims to:

  • Support students in managing their physiological, social and emotional changes as they grow up and develop safe and healthy relationships.
  • Guide students to make wise, informed and responsible decisions on sexuality matters.
  • Help students develop a moral compass and respect for themselves and others by having positive mainstream values and attitudes about sexuality that are premised on the family as the basic unit of society.

How is Sexuality Education delivered?

Sexuality Education is a combined effort which begins at home with parents, continues in schools with teachers, and is supplemented by community efforts.

The 6 guiding principles of MOE's Sexuality Education are:

  • Parents play the primary role in educating their children and are responsible for teaching and transmitting values on sex and sexuality.
  • Our educators will impart knowledge, skills and values that reflect Singapore's mainstream society so that students will make informed and responsible decisions on sexuality matters.
  • Aligned with our national values of encouraging heterosexual married couples to have healthy relationships with each other, and to build stable nuclear family units with extended family support.
  • Only specially selected and trained teachers will teach Sexuality Education in our schools.
  • Students and teachers are to respect the different attitudes, values and beliefs that different communities may have.
  • Relevant community resources that are aligned and approved by MOE may be used to supplement schools' programmes.