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How to apply

Find out what are the key information to note when applying for the programme, and how students are selected.

At a glance

Who may apply Students from institutions offering A-Level examinations:
  • JC1 students in junior colleges.
  • Pre-University 2 students in Millennia Institute.
  • Year 5 students in schools offering Integrated Programme (IP).
Students should demonstrate outstanding aptitude and ability in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students need to take one of the 6 subjects that corresponds to the NUS-MOE HSSR options at the H2 level in JC1/IP Year 5/Pre-U 2 at the point of application. They also need to continue with that H2 subject in JC2/IP Year 6/Pre-U 3.
What you may apply for The programme is offered in the following 6 subjects:
  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literature in English
  • Malay Language and Literature
Whether research topics for a particular subject are offered is dependent on the availability of NUS supervisors for the academic year. Please note that in 2024, Economics will not be offered.

You may enrol in 1 subject only. For example, you cannot take the NUS-MOE HSSR in Geography if you are taking the NUS-MOE HSSR in History.

However, you may take the MOE H3 Research in the same subject if there is no duplicate in the research topics, areas of study or texts.

Similarly, if you are taking Chinese Language and Literature, Literature in English, and Malay Language and Literature, you should ensure that your NUS-MOE HSSR Extended Essays are not based on texts studied for your H2 level papers of the respective subjects.

To apply for HSSR 2024, you will choose 1 research topic from this list (164kb) and write a research proposal of about 300 words.
Application period September to October
  • Schools will be informed when the list of research topics and application form are ready.
  • Note that NUS-MOE HSSR application timeline is earlier than other H3 options.
Programme fees $60 per student.

MOE will provide a grant of $582 per student to cover the remaining cost.
What to submit You have to submit the following to your Teacher Co-ordinator:
  • Form A (28kb): Personal Data and Declaration Form.
  • Form B (23kb): Research Proposal and Writing Sample.
  • Form C (24kb): Teacher Endorsement Form. Your subject teacher should complete and hand this directly to your Teacher Co-ordinator.
Teacher Co-ordinators will also have to submit:
  • Form D (20kb): Declaration of Collated Submission and School Endorsement.
Where to submit  Applications should be submitted by the school's Teacher Co-ordinator through the FormSG link according to the instructions (53kb).
When to submit Friday, 27 October 2023

Please note that the NUS-MOE HSSR application period is earlier than other H3 options.

Selection criteria and process

Schools will recommend students based on your:
  • Academic performance and potential, usually expected to be a “B' or better in the corresponding subject at H2 level.
  • Interest and suitability for independent research.
  • Commitment to the demands of the mentorship.
  • Language proficiency required to handle research and writing.
The NUS-MOE HSSR Committee and NUS Supervisors will select applicants based on the strengths of their research proposal and teachers' recommendation.

The committee's decision is final. No feedback will be given to applicants who are not selected.

Shortlisted applicants who accept the NUS-MOE HSSR will have to be registered for it by their schools under the iExams System, and are subject to all prevailing rules of that process.