Overview of the Gifted Education Programme

The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) caters for intellectually gifted students. Learn more about the programme and its goals.

What is the GEP?

The GEP is a programme that caters for the needs of intellectually gifted students. Students are identified for the GEP through a 2-stage exercise in Primary 3. Selected students will be invited to join the programme in Primary 4.

The GEP curriculum is an enriched curriculum designed to meet the needs of GEP students. The enriched curriculum covers the same content areas as those in the mainstream, but is extended in breadth and depth. GEP students will learn skills for independent inquiry and are encouraged to do explorations on self-selected areas of interest.

GEP students have rich opportunities to interact with their schoolmates through school-wide activities, CCAs and Values-in-Action (VIA) programmes, where they learn, work and play together daily.

Goals of the GEP

The goals of the GEP are to:

  • Develop intellectual depth and higher level thinking.
  • Nurture productive creativity.
  • Develop attitudes for self-directed lifelong learning.
  • Enhance aspirations for individual excellence and fulfilment.
  • Develop a strong social conscience and commitment to serve society and the nation.
  • Develop moral values and qualities for responsible leadership.