Individualised Study Options

Individualised Study Options (ISO) are project work options available to students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). Learn about the options available.

What Individualised Study Options (ISOs) are

ISOs refers to the wide range of project work options available to GEP students.

Students will be taught core research skills during the Inquiry Skills lessons in Primary 4 to prepare them for the various ISOs in Primary 5. These skills include:

  • Research scoping.
  • Information sourcing.
  • Data gathering.
  • Data analysis.
  • Presentation of findings.

In Primary 5, your child will choose from a range of project options including:

  • Individualised Research Study (IRS).
  • Innovation Programme (IvP).
  • School-initiated programmes such as Future-Problem Solving (FPS) and Destination Imagination (DI).

Every ISO emphasises a slightly different set of skills, ranging from research skills, information technology skills, inventive thinking skills to problem-solving skills. In IRS, students will work on a research project based on their interests.

What you should know

  • ISO projects will not be graded in the report book.
  • Various platforms are available for your child to share their findings and project work.
  • Outstanding IRS projects will be showcased in the annual IRS Exhibition.